• Octobaby Pencil Sketch - Bill Schiffbauer
  • Octobaby Cutting Out - Bill Schiffbauer
  • Octobaby Brothers Painting - Bill Schiffbauer
  • Octobaby Brothers Inking - Bill Scihffbauer
  • Octobaby Brothers Desktop 003 - Bill SChiffbauer
  • Octobaby Brothers Desktop 002 - Bill Schiffbauer
  • Octobaby Brothers Desktop 001 - Bill Schiffbauer

Here was my unique and possibly over-kill process for making the Octobaby Brothers Custom Patterns. But I though it would be fun to apply a mix of old school meets new. I’d hoped that it would give them an interesting look by not only sketching them and scanning them in,

but also cutting them out, hand painting them, and then scanning them in again. It kind of gave them a bit of a natural shadow around the edged. I think the result was well worth the extra steps.

Check out the video below to watch the mess unfold. 😀

Music credit:
“Left Handed Cacophony”
Written and performed by 2/3 of Himammy
@bill_schiffbauer and @swell_bow

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