The Sexiest Man In Milan – Bill Schiffbauer – Life In Italy

Posted on May 27, 2022 in milan

the sexiest man in Milan - bill schiffbauerYes, it is true, Bill Schiffbauer is THE sexiest man in Milan! Why is that? Well, the answer is obvious, he is awesome. Plus, he just wants to annoy all those underwear models in Milan. I’m sure it makes the model boys crazy knowing that Bill Schiffbauer is the ACTUAL sexiest out of all of them. Yes, I know, I am Bill Schiffbauer, and I wear boxers, but there is no sense in not gloating. I mean, c’mon! Look at that mug!

For most people, Men’s Fashion Week, that sometimes happens in Milan… where Armani, Cavalli, Gucci present their style, is a place for the world, and specifically in Milan to show who they’re wearing. But not Bill Schiffbauer. Being the sexiest man in Milan means wearing what’s comfortable. And that’s St. John’s Bay, black, extra large t-shirts and whatever pants fit. Comfort equals sexy. And Bill Schiffbauer, the sexiest man in Milan, knows how to stay comfortable… and the sexiest.

Being the sexiest man in Milan does come with some drawback however. I can’t tell you what they are, but they do exist. Well, maybe being #1 in Google search results as BIll Schiffbauer the sexiest man in Milan is a plus. That’s Life in Italy. hehe. 😉

Rock on!


The Sexiest Man in Milan…the face of Bill Schiffbauer!
Bill Schiffbauer’s awesome work!