Bill Schiffbauer - The Sexiest Man In Milan

I’m Bill Schiffbauer, a Multidisciplinary Artist and Illustrator based in Italy on the outskirts of Milan in a small town surrounded by corn fields… Whew! That was a mouth full.

I have been fortunate to have worked in many different creative roles as not just an Illustrator, but Animator, Graphic Designer and Consultant on VERY different types of projects.

I have worked as a Freelance Contractor on teams or projects for the following entities.


Corporate: Amazon (AWS), Hill & Knowlton, Ge Capital, Deloitte Consulting, Transitions Lenses, Verizon, PNC, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Imeas, Reply, Dunlop Tires, Dagong Europe

Media and Entertainment:
The University of Miami Football, Zo’s Summer Groove, Mario Lopez, Elton John, Peter Pan Industries, Art Institutes International, Fox Kids

MCG Jazz, Rockit Girl, Fountains of Wayne

Digital or Media Companies:
Aurema, Infinity Studios, Digital Natives, Melazeta, Miniclip, SunKing Studios,, Dorrance Publishing, eBaum’s World, Pyr Innovations, B-easy, Studio Target


  • Graphic Design Display ads, logo design, print and/or digital brochures, Presentation graphics, T shirt graphics, trade show and/or marketing materials, vehicle graphics, stickers, event brochures, photo editing and manipulation.
  • Traditional Art  Watercolor, Pen and Ink, Acrylics, Mixed Media, experimental
  • Digital ArtI make good use of a Huion Tablet
  • Animation – 2D Traditional and Digital Animation
  • Video Production video mock-up creations for various elements of presentations, creative concept development and onsite support.


Being Awesome.